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  1. My apologies. I did genuinely want to warn people and share the alternative I've settled on. Which is currently running a referral program that gives people a unique opportunity. With your permission, I'll edit my post and add "clean" links for their reference. Or leave it as-is, if you prefer.
  2. Sync deleted a bunch of my files. Because of this, I'm switching to <munched by admin - considered spam> (a direct DropBox competitor). I realize that Sync is in Alpha, but it is public. I also turned off the "sync trash" or whatever it is called. I don't want to keep a bunch of old files that I deleted. It seemed to work very well overall for a time. However, one day as I was working, I noticed lots of notifications popping up from Sync. I started looking and it was deleting all my files inside a particular folder, as well as several subfolders, etc. Though the documentation says all fi
  3. Yeah I was asking what @wscott said. So it sounds like I need to delete everything on one machine (the one that's most out of date) and start fresh.
  4. I previously had Windows Live Mesh syncing folders for me. That got shut down a month or so ago and I've been unable to sync the folders further. The SyncApp is the solution to that. I'm just wondering, can it detect those previously synced files and just update those that are new/different? Or can it only do that with files it has synced? I guess I'm just wondering if I need to delete all the files off one computer to avoid duplicates, etc? Then start the sync fresh? Or if it can benefit from what's already there?