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  1. I am also experiencing this. It seems to be a registry setting in windows. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-bittorrent Change the 'Extension' value to .torrent. Seems like an oversight on the part of the Sync devs reusing the x-torrent mime type for btskey files.
  2. Aaand... that didn't work either. This time I used BTSync to transfer down the fixed vmdk from my work to home. After using the work VM and shutting down, BTSync proceeded to sync down the entire 20GB file. So it looks like the current version of BTSync does not support this use case. I'm confident that it will be able to do so eventually.
  3. Well, it took a few days to get going. I originally transferred the vmdk to my home machine using BTSync prior to my post. I tried syncing with the dynamic disks, but it wanted to transfer the whole 20GB files. I don't even have 20GB of free space on either host disk, so that failed. That's when I saw kos13's post about the file sizes. So, to get matching file sizes, I converted both vmdks to fixed disks with the VboxManage tool. Their sizes and file names were identical. The vmdk on my home machine had an earlier modified date than the vmdk on my work machine. Upon trying the sync, BT
  4. Ah, I didn't completely understand until you said that. Now it makes sense. I was trying to sync back an entire VM and it ended up transferring the entire 19GB, which filled the disk on the other end and broke the transfer -- luckily leaving the old intact file in the trash folder. Now I'm wondering if I could get the diff functionality you mentioned simply by setting the VM to allocate the entire virtual disk. I will check back if I find success...