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  1. This is not exactly portable, there's still the problem with relative paths not working (even when modifying the sync.dat manually to e.g. "..\sync") Also if the settings.dat isn't available at all, the .exe turns into an installer. The sync.dat is portable ... sort of. However, thanks for the link.
  2. I also have some wishes: - BTSync portable for windows (on linux it's portable by default) - platform independent/portable plaintext config file (as far as i can see, on windows there's only the .dat file for the settings) - support for / a list of command line arguments which can get used on all platforms (planned API might also be fine) - add support for sync paths relative to the BTSync.exe (especially for the portable version. when modifying the .dat file manually, BTSync tries to use this path, but it's unable to access it) - add support for directory symlinks/junctions on windows (m