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  1. Nothing to do with the drive being a NAS. Is Windoze XP not supported, perhaps?
  2. I find that the program was installed. When I run it and attempt to add a directory, the same crash occurs (I generate a key and select a directory, and a fatal error occurs. I also find that by accepting the default suggestion, which I don't really want to share, I get the same crash. So I think for now I shall uninstall and wait for the next release. Obviously, this was sent out a bit untested.
  3. By the way, I tried to attach the ".dmp" file here, but am informed by the forum software that I am not "permitted to upload this kind of file," so if you want it, let me know and give me a way of giving it to you.
  4. By the way, I don't like programs that go scribbling on a drive which I asked them NOT to utilize. I gave you a directory you can play around in; if you want to dump core there, it's fine with me--but I don't want you writing on the system drive.
  5. Bug: fatal (installation program) I downloaded and ran BTSync.exe (md5sum 25f28dc590bf4bd651447c03e74cd159). I elected to install it on a Windoze XP machine, and made the installation directory a directory on a NAS which was seen by the OS as Z:\. When I was prompted for a directory to "sync," I chose to browse for one, got a list of drives and directories on my computer, and selected a directory, specifically one called Z:\XFER At this point a window popped up reporting the crash, and offering me to send in a report to the developers, which I hope it did. At this junction, I shall attempt to