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  1. Another thought: If BTSync can integrate "file retrieval feature" in folder that's not synced would be even more ideal. This is already done by SkyDrive, which has an option to enable "fetch file from this computer".
  2. I have a suggestion for greatly expanding BTSync's functionality at marginal effort. Many users use "thin clients" type of devices everyday (due to portability etc.) and they use these thin clients to generate input files on a daily basis. However, these thin clients devices do not usually have generous disk space. The current BTSync is more a pure sync software - however, by taking a tiny step further, it can also add a powerful backup function. For example, I have three projects and I record conference talks on them regularly. The recording files are quite large and I would like to back them
  3. I did a comparison with AeroFS, which just came out earlier this month to masse. They have versioning but only the most recent version. They hide all of the versioning files in a hidden folder in the same directory where AeroFS folder is located. Therefore I don't think they are smart enough like Dropbox who claims to have the incremental algorithm. Maybe we can do some sort of byte-stream profile matching? Just some thoughts :-|
  4. I agree that shadow copying is a must. With this enabled, there is no need to enable windows' own shadow copying, which essentially will create redundency. Also, windows' own shadow copying is done only once per day at max. frequency (disappointing for someone who need every version within a single day). What I am concerned about is my syncTrash folder is growing exponentially - can there be some smart algorithm that doesn't simply just lump all of the previous versions altogether, but rather distinguish the INCREMENTAL changes? This can save tons of space. Not sure if Windows' native shadow c