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  1. Hello, Do you have a second solution? because its not working without the system is in read / write mode
  2. I had the configuration I forgot to note in this regard. Everything works for 1 week. Thank you so much I would do with your package later as it works without the automatic start. edit : The link says "Cannot GET /qnap-btsync.tar.gz"
  3. Works great in a QNAp TS-110 thank you for your help starting to @kos13 and @begemot.
  4. Yes I test it this weekend and you know yours.
  5. thank you very much ! solution : http://wiki.qnap.com/wiki/Autorun.sh
  6. Where do I put the file in step 3? And how to start automatically? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Yes I'm sure, because I do backups on disk as well.
  8. Hello, I currently syncapp that works wonders on Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.04. But I want it to work on my Qnap TS-110, where can I find a tutorial? I do not know where to send my file, and commands it to start at the same time as the QNAP. A QPKG is available ? Sorry for my english, I'm french. Thank you. cordially.