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  1. Right, thanks for that. The repository tuxpoldo set up will have to add support for 'jessie' as well, though.
  2. Thanks so much for these packages! Working great for me on Linux Mint Debian Edition. I had to modify the installation steps a bit though; I needed to add sudo to the second line: sudo gpg --armor --export 6BF18B15 | sudo apt-key add - And the output of lsb_release -cs on LMDE is just "debian", so I had to manually change that to "wheezy". The only other thing that would be helpful is to note that, if btsync crashes and needs to be restarted, the script that should be run is /usr/lib/btsync-user/btsync-starter Hopefully that's of help to other LMDE users!
  3. I just got up and running with the Alpha and am really enjoying it so far. I am a Linux user, so I am interacting with SyncApp through the WebUI. I have two features I would love for the WebUI. Password protection (right now I can connect to a remote machine with ip:port/gui, which is great, but I'm not sure I would want anyone to have access to this).A button to generate a list of directories and their corresponding secret keys. I've set up about 20 directories, and manually copying the list of directories and keys is cumbersome.Thanks!