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  1. Thanks GreatMarko. I did a test and it seems that blowing away the .SyncID file creates a problem. I'm currently using the last approach but it means a lot of manual updating and duplicate files.
  2. I'm wondering if this an appropriate use of Sync. I'd like to have access on mobile devices to the documentation files that are installed with various programs (on a Win7 pc). The documentation is typically installed in the relevant C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86) path. These programs will be updated fairly regularly so the contents of these directories overwritten at that time. I would ideally set up these folders to be Read-Only sync. My question is how will Sync handle things when this directory is updated? Ie: the files .SyncID, .SyncIgnore & dir .SyncArchive will probably be blown away by the install update. Does this make sense? It would be a very nice use of Sync for me.
  3. Hoping someone will tell me if this is possible but otherwise it's a wish... My company just discovered my machine was using a torrent client and I got an email telling me to remove any torrent clients. I'm not about to win any arguments with our big corporate IT provider right now so here's what would enable me to keep using BTSync. Is there a way to create an IP mask such that a BTSync client only operates when not in the blacklisted IP range? This would allow me to leave it running all the time but it wouldn't try to communicate when inside my work network (or VPN).
  4. I saw this seconds after I sent a support email with my crash dump data. Please ignore. Running fine now on 1.1.15.
  5. Thanks for the info GM. Unfortunately I can't access this site from work so I haven't been able to get through the forum much.In fact one of the things I'm excited about with Sync is that it works from behind our firewall. Anyway I really want to use Sync for both backup (RO Sync of almost everything) and selective sync of subfolders so "nested share" capability is huge for me. The more I think about the possibilities of Sync - especially if the API is complete - the more I think the possibilities are endless.
  6. Has there been any response from the developers about the potential to sync sub-folders of a sync'd folder with different secrets? I need this so that I can have a read-only sync for backup purposes but then be able to sync selected sub-folders with selected people.
  7. Is there a plan to address the delta transfer capability or is it just the way BitTorrent works? I would love to use btsync as my main backup utility but I have quite a few Outlook .pst files, each a few GB and it seems like btsync has to re-download all of them after I've opened Outlook - even the ones I don't think I changed.
  8. Just updated to 10.0.130 (both machines) but unfortunately it didn't fix the crash. Still no .dmp file either.
  9. Hmm, additional info. When I restart btsync after it fails the sync folder comes up with the wrong secret. This explains why it sits at 0 bytes. If I then change the secret to the correct one it starts to try to sync again but fails after a minute or so.
  10. Good to know megamark16. I've only tried read only sync to the Pogoplug. Once it crashed what do you see in the web GUI if you restart the btsync process?
  11. I've sent logs to Kos also heiNey. I'm curious what other similarities our issues have in common. Like I said on my system sync ran fine for at least a couple of hours when I shared a fresh folder on both ends. There are definitely no .dmp files being created. I have debugging turned on but there's nothing special at the end of the log file that I can tell. I'm running the same Linux install that the Pogoplug shipped with. Are you guys also seeing the same issue after restarting btsync (ie: it remembers the folder it's supposed to be syncing but acts like there is nothing in it and does not sync anything?)
  12. My uname info is: Linux #5 Wed Sep 28 12:09:12 PDT 2011 armv5tel GNU/Linux I tried killing the 2 Pogoplug processes (hbplug & hbwd) but that didn't help. My install of btsync is on an external USB drive mounted at /opt.
  13. I'm trying to sync (read-only) from a Windows 7 machine to a USB drive attached to an ARM5 Pogoplug Series 4 device. If I set up a empty test directory on my Win 7 machine (and link it to an empty dir on the ARM machine) and add a couple of files to it I don't see any issues and the sync happens ok. However when I try to sync an existing large directory (> 35GB) the btsync process on the ARM machine appears to be working for a few minutes (I can see downloads via the browser GUI) but then it quits after a couple of minutes. There is no .dmp file created in the .sync directory though. After it quits if I simply restart btsync the GUI is available but the existing directory does not show any of the progress that was previously made (I've checked and some data has been transferred). It shows 0B. I can only get btsync working again by deleting the sync folder on the ARM machine and re-adding it but that only lasts for a minute or two. More info on the Pogoplug 4 setup and how I installed BTSync per the instructions here:
  14. Haven't had chance to start using Sync yet but this feature will likely be crucial for me. I want to use a device insides my work network as a backup location for home pc and vice versa. I don't know the details of the controls of my work network unfortunately but the more tools you can provide to make this transparent the better.