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  1. Are you now able to release the software as open source so it can get audited by a independent authority and improved by it's users? I'm using Syncthing for some years now, it's a great alternative!
  2. if lan_encrypt_data - if set to true, it should use encryption in the local network, this would be logically! this confused me most while setting up my configuration. please make it clear and logically.
  3. i hope this great software will be released unter the GPL or similar license, so security experts can review the code, the community can contribute to the development and everyone can trust the system, that the software don't send all data or logs to BT Inc. of course you have the right to keep the code secret until the final public release, so you can hack around and clean up your code... it would be great if you make a statement on that, so we know how the way is. in case BT Sync will "just" be freeware, i would favor an open source alternative to sync my data!