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  1. If you are using Windows, why don't you just make an advanced search in the archive folder with the date Criteria, then just copy and paste the results into a new folder somewhere else? In Linux you can do similar from GUI or use find command.
  2. I have this problem as well. I had 1.4.75 on two client systems and 1.3.x on a VPS with encrypted remote. The Client 1 and Vps synced fine, but the Client2 this morning did not get the changes from the others (was off since 2-3 days). so I tried to upgrade the VPS one to 1.4 as well and ended up in this situation. The first error I saw was "out of sync", after some re-starts, it is now stuck at "sending 100% few seconds remaining" since some hours.
  3. Hi, I have a synced folder between two PC's. I then added this folder to my android phone with RW, but not selected automatic sync. I then clicked into this folder inside Sync GUI in the phone, it listed files & folders to me, without syncing them. So far so good. Then I went into a subfolder and clicked two files. They got downloaded to the file system of the phone and now have a green checkmark next to their listing in Sync GUI. Like this: Main Folder ----Subfolder1 ------------file1 ------------file2 Now, I do not want to have these files anymore. If I delete them from the files
  4. No you won't see them as separate files. Android media daemon probably scanned those files and decided to show you the album arts. You can try to exclude the folder from media scanner. Just put an empty file named .nomedia to the root of this folder. Note that some media players may use this media scanner database to show you your music, so you will need to use one that can scan folders on its own.