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  1. Hmmm I've also had success with the EncFS port for Windows. I'm on Win7 64 bti Pro http://members.ferra...dy77/encfs.html http://dokan-dev.net/en/download/
  2. Hi, Just loaded up BoxCryptor for windows on one side and done EncFS for Ubuntu on the other side, all seems cool to me. Anybody else been playing with the pairing to get the "encryption at the friends house" situation covered? Cheers Mark
  3. Get around the problem of firewalling Cross platform I bet Android and iPhone get their own apps over time It'll be so simple sh33pl3 can use it
  4. SyncApp Community Edition v SyncApp Privacy Edition Version supportAn encrypt key as well as a folder secret, so that I can use a friend's PC as the target sync, and have a utility which I can enter the encrypt key for browse and restore, Either by a file, version of a file, folder, or version of a folder etcSchedule control - with definable up/dl ratiosFolder priority would be "nice"Have a closed code component or Privacy edition that enables the "encrypt key as well as a folder secret" functionalityFor every target deployment of the "encrypt key as well for a folder secret" a license key als
  5. Hi, Is there a public release date, say approximate Q2 end, Q3, Q4? Cheers Mark
  6. Reading that link from the "Product Manager", "As product developers, we’re passionate about providing affordable, elegant solutions for our customers" - HE isn't a developer - HE'S a suit. I laughed my head off reading that reply!
  7. Hi, What determines the sync interval? Is it setable - 'cus I can't spot it! Cheers Mark