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  1. Thanx. I naively thought I have arm... But, whether you plan support MIPS in the near future? So we can rename topic to smthg like "MIPS support for BTsync"
  2. I just now installed bash and there are some interesting. System thinks that's binary file and I found out topic anout linux install. (http://forum.bittorr...stall-on-linux/) On ubuntu server linux version for x64 works great, but wtf is going on arm ??? DO somebody read my topic ???
  3. Here is uname -a. Here are md5 sums. They are same in mac and dd-wrt. What did I do wrong ? Thanx. I have in my disposal DLink-320 only. But there are dd-wrt and here is the list of routers supported by this linux. (http://www.dd-wrt.co...router-database) Only the problem you would to solve is an out of free space without external storage (that you could connect with some magic ). And community has good wiki (http://www.dd-wrt.co...x.php/Main_Page). I think that any router with dd-wrt would support BTsync.
  4. Hi, Everybody! This night I tried to use BTsync. It's greatly works on my MB Air, on Mac OS 10.7.5, last Ubuntu Server x64 and Windows 8. BUT I have some strange bug, while trying to start it on my arm-based router with dd-wrt (DLink DIR-320). (It's all ok about router, there are web-server and some more usefull things) As in instruction I copied file from archeive and trying to run it... There are problem, I have : Do anybody knows why ? P.S. Please, forgive me for my English