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  1. could someone from sync team please share their view on this issue?
  2. there's something with your android, i updated to 1.2.12 through play store.
  3. I think that the backup feature on btsync android app should be one-way sync only (phone-to-pc). It's not a real backup if backups get deleted on pc when I delete the files on android by mistake.
  4. because security already is "the best". why don't you serach the forums before you repeat the same wrong assumptions that has been explained so many times?
  5. I disagree. An open alternative would come anyway (if it can't be a fork, then a completely new software). So it's smarter to open the protocol when it's stable and dictate it's developement.
  6. not necessarily true! if a good open source btsync alternative shows up people could just drop btsync. if i was a btsync developer i'd make it open source or at least open up the btsync protocol. but - not yet! only with the first stable version.
  7. it's very simple: you don't share secret keys via unsecured channels. also, you can replace your secret keys anytime if you shared them unsecurely in the past. the real question is whether btsync is going to be open sourced or not. but that was questioned 100x times at other threads, still no final decision.
  8. When I delete files (photos) on my Android folder that are backed up with BTsync, the same files (photos) also get deleted on my computer. I think that they should stay there since this feature is called "backup" not "sync".
  9. anybody knows if android's BTsync app also backups subfolders?
  10. does backup on BTsync android app also sync subfolders?
  11. as the battery consumption of btsync android app seems reasonable (well, i don't sync thousands of files with it, only a few now and then) i leave it running all the time. and of course i forget to start it when i reboot my device. so, i'd love to se option for btsync to start automatically.
  12. could you tell where exactly is this? i know my droid pretty well, but i hear this for the first time. by the way, i'm on ICS, HTC Sense.
  13. great app, seems stable for an alpha. one suggestion: please, please, please, make tray icon optional. i hate such icons and i don't use apps that don't offer a way to disable them. and if there's really no other way, then at least allow making it transparent. thank you!
  14. so there is no way make an UI password or enable LAN encryption (as i did manualy through config file before) if i install BTsync this way?
  15. don't panic! of course you have to be careful about android apps with root access, but i think you exaggerate a bit. don't know about this one but i have plenty apps that demands root access on my rooted android phone and they are working just fine. actually i couldn't live without some of them. and some "unofficial" even work better than the "official" ones of their kind. if you're not a geek, then just follow people's comments and ratings about this one and decide for yourself whether to use it or not.
  16. thanks! this is very well written. i think an explanation like this should be included into a BTsync manual.
  17. there's nothing to "install" with BTsync. doing ./btsync starts the daemon and that's it. (that's why you got the "Can't lock pid file..." massage when you did ./btsync again - it was already running). you can control BTsync on linux through your web browser. so, open your browser and go to: http://localhost:8888/gui/ also, you must add BTsync to the list of startup apps if you want it to start automatically when you reboot your computer. in ubuntu there's an app called "startup applications" to do this. for more information read the BTsync manual carefully.
  18. what does relay server do here? is it possible for two clients to meet on internet with only tracker server enabled (relay server disabled)? and vice versa? what about DHT network?
  19. i'm affraid BTsync accepts only alfanumerical characters.
  20. i'd be happy if it stays as it is - simple.
  21. can anyone explain the difference between relay server and tracker server?
  22. yea, i know what you mean, but feature like this seems to me of more psychological than real value.