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  1. Hi all, Thanks you very much guys for the hard work! the application is great!! My whishlist: 1 - add the ability to vote for the wishes. 2 - Have like a buffer on the Internet to synchronize with a computer turned off. For example, I want to share between my computers 10gb, would be good to have the ability to set up a buffer (dropbox public/private folders, public/private folder google drive, etc) so that if I have disconnected computers, the information is going to be uploaded to these accounts ( let's say 5gb ), then in the other side, when I connect the other computers, they are going to start the sync from those accounts ( 5gb ). That way two computers can be sync even if they are connected at different times. 3 - The ability to manage my tokens from a webpage. 4 - Have the option to encrypt the folders that are being synchronized so that only I can see its content when I want (with user and pass), but keeping the sync working in background. 5 - Having the option to choose how much space ( and bandwidth ) I want to share on my hard drive for use by other people, then the program can duplicate and distribute the information to other people ( doing an encription ). this way we can give a lot of free space to many people if we all share and have an online backup of our files. hope you like them!