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  1. I'm sure others have already asked for this: but +1 Mobile SDK for integration into Android and iPhone apps
  2. You could set up an ordinary samba share or use Ajaxplorer. But that wouldn't have the benefit of the bittorrent protocol.
  3. Can I just go balls to the wall with this concept? Turn it into a complete file system where everyone stores everyone else's data. Call it, the Ubercloud. Files have one of three states on any given computer: 1. Fully contained on the computer's hard drive 2. Symbolically linked to the data distributed across the ubercloud 3. Contained in encrypted fragments with multiple redundancy across the ubercloud Sharing a file is a matter of sending a symbolic file with encryption and tracking data. Users can dynamically change between symbolically stored on their drive and fully stored. Being symbolic
  4. I'd like to vote down this (with all due respect). But say that the solution could come from any other private provider that simply accepts share keys and has btsync running constantly. My reasoning being that the application itself should be kept private.
  5. First, awesome! I appreciate that most everything on my wishlist has already been asked, but it's all just a bunch of +1's - A file serve only mechanism, where local copies are not kept, but files can still be downloaded with the benefits of the bittorrent protocol via WebDAV or ordinary web interface. That way a user is not limited to the hard drive size of his smallest computer. - Per computer priority settings that allow user to maintain file sync capability, but use less bandwidth on slower or data limited connections. This is not the same as straight bandwidth limits, as setting the upl