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  1. Assuming you know nothing of Linux or SSH: You will need the PowerPC (ppc) binary of btsync. Copy the ppc btsync binary to the My Book Live. You can just copy it to one of the shared directories if you like. You need to enable ssh on the MyBook Live by going to http://mybooklive/UI/ssh. Download Putty.exe here: Now use putty to login to the Mybook Live with the username 'root' and the password 'welc0me' without the qoutes. Note the the 0 in welc0me is a zero. Get root the root directory in putty with 'cd ..' without the quotes. You can unzip the binary with gunzip. Let's say you moved the binary to the public share. Then the command would be 'gunzip /shares/Public/btsync_powerpc.tar.gz' without the quotes. Now you make the binary executable with 'chmod +x /shares/Public/btsync' without the quotes. Now you run the binary with '/shares/Public/./btsync' without the quotes. It will look like nothing happened, but now you can get to the configuration by opening your browser as in number 6 above. You will need to log back in with putty and restart btsync if the my book live is restarted unless you build a restart script. To restart with putty just login again and enter 'cd ..' then '/shares/Public/./btsync' To be more correct from a Linux standpoint you could move the unzipped btsync binary to an appropriate system directory like /usr/sbin and run it from there, but for simplicity's sake, it will work just fine as described above.
  2. Hi everyone. Got BTSync working just peachy on 6 Windows machines and on the My Book Live. Of course if power is lost on the My Book Live or if it needs to be restarted for some reason, then BTSync has to be manually restarted. I am wondering if someone has already created a startup script that has been found to work on the My Book Live platform? Care to share?