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  1. Hello, I have been having problems with disappearing/deleted files in folders. Folders that previously contained multiple text files and images, suddenly contain no files at all. I now have many empty folders. I use my Time Machine backup to find the files again and restore them, or I find the files in the archive folder. This is not always possible and leads to complete loss of data and is very frustrating. I also find several files that are 0 KB. This seems to happen especially to .pages files and not to .doc files. There again I need to use my Time Machine backup or
  2. Yes. I am a BTSync user from the early alpha days, 2 years ago. I am very disappointed that BTSync has removed features from the free version. I use BTSync for work. I simply cannot upgrade to 2.0 or I would lose hundreds of synched folders. I was looking forward to paying a reasonable fee for file ownership and permissions in the Pro version. Pricing for Pro is unrealistic, especially considering that this is "just" a file synchronising software. There are excellent alternatives that include CRM, project management that cost less than 40$/user/year. Unless BTSync reverts to more rea
  3. Is it possible to trigger synching on demand? Often BitTorrent Sync take several minutes to recognise a change before it starts synching. Pausing and restarting synching does not trigger synching. It would be nice to have the option to ''synchronise now''.
  4. Synched 4.3 GB. Speed maximum 1 MB/s. I sent you the logs by email.
  5. Setup is 2 Macs running Mac OS X 10.8.3 and one PC running Windows 8. BitTorrent Sync version 1.0.116. Connected on a local network with D-Link DIR-300 router (IEEE 802.11g). Can I provide you with additional information that would help?
  6. I have the same speed limit problem. The speed maximum is about 400 kB/s when synching between two computers locally on the same network (no cloud icon on the folder). I changed the encryption to false, tcp to true, and disabled relay/tracker server on the folder. Speed goes up to 600-800 kB/s. This is still quite slow for local transfer.
  7. We have been using BitTorrent SyncApp for collaborating at work since we were invited to the Alpha last week. So far, the product is fantastic and we hope it improves in the future. Keep up the good work. This is more of an unexpected behaviour bug than a technical bug. BtSync in this case doesn’t behave similar to DropBox or other file sync systems. Use case: Two users on two separate computers are editing different files in different folders stored in the same BtSync shared folder. User1 has file1 in folder1 open and is editing. User2 renames folder1 to folder2. BtSync detects the change and