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  1. - A file serve only mechanism, where local copies are not kept, but files can still be downloaded with the benefits of the bittorrent protocol via WebDAV or ordinary web interface. That way a user is not limited to the hard drive size of his smallest computer.

    Might be the same/similar to this request above by jrl290...

    Would like the ability to set certain folders/files to sync in the future "on demand".

    With certain sets of files/folders I may not want to instantly sync to all other computers/devices, but at a later date will want that ability "on demand".

    A BIG reason I stopped using dropbox for work stuff is because we share a bunch of client folders between everyone on the dev team. I don't really want to pay for any of the paid tiers, as none really apply to my needs, even the team tiers. 2GB is typically fine, but every so often someone stuffs many GB's worth of assets/mockups into these shared folders, which then kills off all my remaining space.

    With BitTorrent Sync it would be great I could set up a folder where I can always "see" the files that are there, but only sync them when I really need them. Then when no longer needed, can set them to "de-sync" which would no longer take space but they would still be available "on demand" if needed again.

    ps. Excellent job BitTorrent Sync team and congrats on going public today!