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  1. The saw shaped bottlenecks are easy to reproduce. Basically if I set the upload speed to let say 100kb and have download set to unlimited. Soon as current upload speeds reach 100kbs boom download and upload speeds all drop to 0. If both upload and download are unlimited, no issue. This only seems to be a issue with the upload being maxed out(for me at least). As a work around I've basically had to block peers I do not want to send to, as that it affects download speeds. Personally I feel upload limits should not affect download speeds. Also note I'm running 1.4.103
  2. I have the same problem. The upload rate is erratic and does not use up to the max speed. Yet when off runs with no problem . IE. I have mine set to 400 upload and im only getting 210. But when off get 800.
  3. This has fixed the issue! Ty very awesome!
  4. The "Master node" Has a total of 2Tb's of data ~ 300 files. But i think the problem has something with how the master is storing the shared key based on the "[2013-04-30 09:49:41] Hash doesn't match. Terminated." I don't know if this error is regarding the shared key or the hash given to the files in the directories. And if it is the hash on the file why would it not match?
  5. Love the concept just trying to get it to work. Heres the setup 1 Master node with 2 Tb files. 4 Other Nodes with ~1.5 Tb file (each node has a mix mash of the 2 Tb's) So i created a shared key on the master and added the other nodes for full sync. Immediately the 4 nodes started to sync and download un upload from each other. But, the master node would not share anything it should be uploading to all 3 since it has data all 3 are missing. Without debugging on i get this message over and over on the master node. Also master node can see all other devices no problem. [2013-04-30 09:49:41] Hash doesn't match. Terminated. I have since enabled debugging and have the logs available for email. Excluding everything above have completely deleted the appdata folder resetup a simple share with one file on the master to one node that does not have the file. I get the same error as above, yet the 2 devices see each other. Seems like something is messing up the hash on the master??? Any ideas?