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  1. Synology DS-411+ http://www.synology....roducts/DS411 / Updated for autostart on reboot.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > enable ssh ~ > NAS web gui > control panel > terminal > Enable SSH > SSH into NAS as root ($ ssh root@ $ cd ~ $ wget http://btsync.s3-web...c23_i386.tar.gz $ tar -xzvf btsync* $ mv ~/btsync /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ $ reboot > wait about 5 mins, takes a while for everything to restart > confirm port :8888 is open on NAS firewall (not router / WAN) > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. So spent some time doing testing... Can't seem to figure out how quickly it checks/refreshes from the .SyncIgnore file but restarting the app may have helped. This is what I was able to find: abc # Ignores ALL dirs /abc # Ignores ONLY root /*/abc # Ignores ALL EXCEPT root /*/*/abc # Ignores ALL AFTER 2 dir levels /*/*/*/abc # Ignores ALL AFTER 3 dir levels /**/abc # Ignores ALL EXCEPT root */abc # Ignores ALL EXCEPT root **/abc # Ignores ALL EXCEPT root .* # Ignores ALL HIDDEN files & dirs abc.ext # Ignores ALL files of type .ext abc.* # Ignores ALL files named of ANY type abc* # Ignores ALL files & dirs begining with "abc" # FiLeS seem to be CaSe sensitive *xyz/abc.ext # Ignores ALL "abc.ext" files in ANY "xyz" dir *xyz/*abc*.* # Ignores ALL files containing "abc" in any "xyz" dir *xyz/*abc* # Ignores ALL files & dirs containing "abc" in any "xyz" dir
  3. Great news... Works on Synology DS-411+ > Create destination/sync folder... > SSH into your NAS ( ) > run in local terminal: $ ssh (log in) $ cd ~ $ wget $ tar -xzvf btsync* $ ~/btsync > go to > make sure you open firewall via Synology, but do not recommend opening up port to WAN on router firewall > [Add Folder] ... > Generate or copy the "secret" > Select "path" folder /volume1/BTsync/syncedFolder > [Add] Presto! -E Can anyone make recommendations to make sure this runs on startup when/if the NAS gets restarted? Thanks!