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  1. While not a native smartos build you can run btsync in an lx brand thanks to the lx brand work joyent is doing. Slide 17 has the image uuid to import. I will post a blog post on it eventually, but I have btsync running a lx brand at home and it works just fine. Even has inotify support!
  2. Any chance for an illumos build? I have some interesting things I would like to do with sync in a smartos environment. I am still holding on to hope for a native version
  3. Just wanted to check in again. Still dying for illumos support. Building a client against libc would be nice. Any possibility that this will eventually come down the pipeline? Especially now that there is a freebsd build. Would love to leverage this on smartos and joyents cloud as well.
  4. Just wanted to bump this one last time. Wanted to see how likely a illumos build is before I consider other solutions.
  5. Ive been asking for this I am a huge sync user and I have a lot of illumos based servers. Shouldn't be much different then the freebsd version.
  6. You may be better off writing a small script to do snapshot incremental sends. I know nexenta has some things built in to do this.
  7. It shouldn't be that much different than the BSD port. BSD and illumos are pretty close platforms. More so than linux.
  8. Hopefully the FreeBSD version is an easy port to illumos! I am dying for a native client. Going through hoops to sync to my raid right now is less than appealing.
  9. Since one of the use cases is NAS I thought I'd raise the topic of support for illumos based systems. A lot of people have ZFS boxes that they would like to sync across. The only other feature complete implementation of ZFS is found on FreeBSD. Are these platforms going to be supported. Or possibly the source for this posted?