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  1. I wish for a way to sync a local unencrypted folder to a remote system on which the files will remain encrypted so that the remote system's users cannot decrypt the files, see any of their filenames, or even know how many files there are. The remote system should simply see their copy of the sync'ed folder as a single file. I think the implications include some kind of block-oriented encryption with some rsync-like behaviour for efficiency, but I haven't given the implementation much thought. As it stands, I could use a TrueCrypt volume locally, but any minor change results in the entire volume being transferred. Obviously this makes no sense.
  2. I second the many wishes for building in an rsync-like algorithm in order to reduce unnecessary data traffic. Available networks aren't always cheap to use either in time or money. I know this isn't particularly helpful when sharing something like photos, but it surely is when sync'ing huge documents that are constantly getting small localized changes (eg. university thesis).
  3. The BitTorrent Sync website lacks some important information. Does the Windows version of BitTorrent Sync run as a Windows service that works no matter whether users are logged in? If not, that is another wish I would like fulfilled please. It is also very important that Sync cannot only do its job when no one is logged in, but it must also do it for multiple users even if one or more are logged in. An example for the importance of this is that I would like to have each user's personal laptop sync'ing to her personal home folders on a common desktop computer.
  4. I echo the wish of those who want the option to restrict which networks BitTorrent Sync will make use of. For example, I would like to prevent a laptop from using a high data cost cell network when tethered to a cell phone. The same wish applies to the Android version, for obvious reasons. Oh, perhaps I should mention that I really, really want to see an Android version of BitTorrent Sync very soon :-)
  5. Shared secrets are simple to understand and simple to use, but they're often A Very Bad Thing when it comes to good security, in part because secret distribution is not easily done in a safe way. It is very unpleasant to clean up after one participant's copy of the shared secret key is exposed to the wrong people, whether deliberately or accidentally. For example, if 10 different people are sharing a collection of files via BitTorrent Sync and one of those people lose their laptop to a thief, the remaining 9 have to quickly change that secret key to a new one they all agree upon. There isn't always a safe way to exchange that new secret quickly. What I really want to see is support for public/private SSH-like keys as an optional alternative to the shared secret key solution. Folks who don't understand how to use such keys don't have to use that option. In the above scenario then, the remaining 9 users will simply delete the public key from their systems that belongs to the compromised 10th person - no new secret key has to be devised and distributed.