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  1. I don't have much room on my c:drive Windows 2003 Server, so I installed bittorrentsync to my d:drive but have noticed there is a folder on my c: drive that is filling up with what appears to be database files. Is there someway to move these to my d: drive as well. The files in question are located in the directory c:\documents and settings\Administrator\Application Data\BitTorrent Sync .db .db-wal .db-shm
  2. My files are not going to syncarchive. What should I look at to fix? I just went to restore a file and realized it hasn't been working for at least a month.
  3. I just went to my backup computer to restore a file and discovered that my .syncarchive has not been working for about a month now. Any idea how I can trouble shoot or what I should look for? It is not working on either computer.
  4. I have been trying out bitTorrent sync as a live always on offsite backup service, but just found out users are seeing .!sync files and not knowing what they are start deleting them. I would suggest that maybe you consider making them a hidden file so people will not see them at all. I'm also curious how bitTorrent sync handles this situation. Does the file just get backed up later or is it skipped.
  5. Do syncignore commands have to be entered on all the machines syncing or is just one sufficient. I don't want to sync any temp files so do I need to put the commands only on my server in the .syncignore file these are the lines I added ~* *.bak *.tmp or do I need to do this on my offsite backup machine as well? Question #2 on my server I have a folder called d:\files\please use for temp storage\ and I don't want to sync anything put in this folder. Could someone give me the "exact" command I need to put in my .syncignore file to achieve this. is there any problem with spaces in names? Thanks, Jim
  6. I work for a large construction company and I have it setup to backup my fileserver offsite and basically have a live backup available to me at all times. I still run my tape backups but now go to my offsite backup first to get deleted files. We also have a lot of employees who work across the country at jobsites and we have always struggled with how to back them up but I can see this working really well. A lot of cloud backup places offer a couple of gigs but we have basically as much space as we want in our cloud. It's kind of like getting your own private cloud.
  7. Since updating to 1.1.48 today I have found that it keeps freezing on one computer but not the other. I'm syncing like 150,000 files that take up 24 gigs. The number didn't seem to make a difference before so I'm not sure if that is why or not. Up until today it worked flawlessly. I installed the update and it never seems to get through indexing and eventually just stops responding. ----- update to this post - I ran taskmgr and had 4 btsync processes running even though I had the program turned off. I was unable to endtask any of them but a reboot of the server seems to have put everything back to normal
  8. Has anyone tested this on Windows Server 2008 R2. I can envision using this as an automatic offsite backup solution. I'm always a little nervous installing new software on my live server and don't have a test one. Thanks, Jim