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  1. Thanks Lightning, I will try it out and get back to you. Question: Should I actually install btsync on the other computer? Or just use the btsync.exe in the AppData folder?
  2. Hey guys so here's the question: What I want to/need to do is be able to change computers on which an external drive is syncing. Computer A is syncing a hard drive with another location, but I want to move all my SyncApp settings to Computer B and continue syncing with that same location without having to reindex everything or redownload everything. Any suggestions or help? Thanks in advanced.
  3. As I read more I have another question about this. Does this same current limitation occur when using a read only share? For example, if I sync the parent directory from machine1 to machine2 as read only (this is stricly for a backup purpose) can I still NOT share subfolders to a third machine? Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions. This software is truly amazing and I can't stop thinking about it.
  4. I just downloaded and started using btsync today and this is the first thing I tried to do. It would be very welcome, but I also have another idea for it. Machine1 has folder c:\folder1 syncing with d:\share1 (in my case this would be used as a backup solution), and c:\folder1\sub1 is syncing with d:\share1\sub1 and e:\sub1(machine3). (send specific files to colleagues) Would it be possible for better peering to occur? This would greatly increase speed and would reduce the chance that a computer could be off. For example: The folder sub1 is technically located on both Machine1 and Machine2. Both of these machines have the same exact files and versions because they have already synced. When Machine3 goes to sync \sub1 from Machine2, it should automatically realize based on its communication with Machine2 that \sub1 is also on Machine1, and can therefore connect and download from both machines at the same time. In my mind it would work kinda like normal torrenting. If I download a torrent, I can choose to only download a selected file contained in that torrent, but I can still leech it from all the peers that have that file.