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  1. Yeah, LFTP is kind of amazing. It saturates my connection (which, for what I'm doing, is exactly what I want it to do).
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the update! Great program, btw. As I mentioned in my other thread, I hadn't been able to find something easy, cross-platform, and that would copy files one-way, just once (so I could move the local copy without it constantly redownloading). I was literally learning python so I could build something myself. (I'm still learning, but just for fun, now). Thanks!
  3. Not a local server. I've got BT Sync (linux) installed on a server with a 500mbit connection. It has three folders shared. I've got a machine (Windows 7) at home running BT Sync. It's the recipient (using the read-only secret of each). My home connection is 50mbit. I'm getting speeds of about 2-3MB/sec. Completely not bad, but I'd love to squeeze out a couple more MB/sec if possible. kos, I'm not getting one per file. I'm only getting one entry at a time in the transfer window, period. That is, even when I have multiple files, only one appears to be downloading at a time. One finishes, the nex
  4. Hmmm... Two arrows, so a direct connection. Download/upload rate limit is set to 0 on both ends. One change I made to settings was changing "disk_low_priority" to false on the download end, trying to improve the speed issues (no real change).
  5. So, in watching a few of my transfers, I notice that neither of my connections are getting anywhere close to maxing out either of the connections. The upload connection is on a 500mbit connection. The download connection is "up to" 50mbit. Pretty regularly, I can get up to 5-6MB/sec to/from these devices using LFTP's pget (I use -n 50, but it tends to max out the performance increase at around -n 35ish). These are large (1GB+) files. Is there anything I can do to to boost the speeds a bit? Also, I notice that only one file transfers at a time (or at least, one file showing in the "Transfers"
  6. I'll take that response as "feature", which tickles me immensely. Thanks!
  7. Right, but that explanation doesn't cover what happens to Device 2 when its folder is changed. Right now, it stays changed. Even a read-only sync sounds like it would keep Device 2 matching Device 1 (but not Device 1 matching changes Device 2), if that makes sense.
  8. First, I want to point out that I am not complaining. The way that read-only sync appears to be working is absolutely perfect for my needs. That said, I'd like to know if it's behavior that is going to stick around, because it is working as intended, or be "fixed" someday. My first thought with read-only syncing was that it would behave like this: Shared folder has two files: A, B "Recipient" using the read-only secret gets those two files: A, B then deletes, say, B. A I assumed that BT Sync would sync the local copy back up with the "server" copy, leaving two files again: A, B Right now,