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  1. Fool me once... Yeah, I'm with Syncthing now and never going back to Resilio. I do miss encrypted at-rest and selective sync, but I can live without them.
  2. I've migrated all Resilio Sync workloads to Synthing. Working perfectly, couldn't be happier. A little sad though, since I used btsync since its early alpha days. But I can't deal with the bugs and lack of updates to fix those bugs. Only thing I'm missing from Syncthing is the easy of sharing with just a public key, and having the ability to use a node as encrypted storage. I rarely use encrypted storage though, so oh well, I'll do something else if I ever need it again. By, Resilio! Good luck!
  3. Andy, that won't work for me. I use Google Photos to backup my photos and reclaim the space from my phone. If I use a standard share from Sync, then my backups on my own server would be deleted when Google Photos purges the local storage on the phone. I use ZFS and daily snapshots, so I could always reconstruct the photos, but that's a huge hassle I would rather not deal with. For now, I have used a regular share to backup Signal as I don't need every backup file, like I would with photos. I guess it's time to start taking a more serious look at SyncThing. It's just a shame sinc
  4. It seems we may be out of luck. It doesn't look like the Android app is even being developed anymore, judging by how far behind it is compared to the desktop version. Sigh.
  5. I have created a photos backup with the Android app and it's working great. Now I want to create a new custom backup for my Signal backups. Add Add backup Custom Navigate to path Choose Folder Add Immediately taken back to the Folders list and the new backup definition is not present Anyone else run into this? Any workarounds? Version: 2.6.4 (8693) on Android 10, Google Pixel 3.
  6. The FreeBSD x64 build of this version cannot write large files. I am trying to sync 50 GiB files. Reverting to 2.6.1 solved the problem for me. This can also be found as a solution for many experiencing the problem in FreeBSD jails, via the FreeNAS forums. Is there any plan to fix this? It's been 8 months...
  7. It's not a shell script, not is the binary named that way. So why did you add the .sh to the filename in your init script? And don't forget to specify the config file maybe? And you didn't specify the absolute path to your rc.local so make sure you're editing the file in the correct place. Usually it's /etc/rc.local and the file should already exist.
  8. There is no "install" in UNIX. Just place the btsync binary where you like, along with its config file and all of the meta cache it has already created since you've run it in tmp already. Then add a startup line to /etc/rc.conf.local (FreeBSD) or /etc/rc.local (Linux).
  9. I've completed a couple days of successful testing with native x64 builds 128 and 130 on FreeNAS 8.3.1-p2 (FreeBSD 8.3-p7).
  10. Ideally a bandwidth limiter exactly like is present in uTorrent would be awesome. Simple and obvious interface, works great.