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  1. I have a VHD image file where I keep some of my data. The file size is 4 GB. Last week I made the initial file synchronized between 3 PCs. Today, I added a couple of files to that VHD, and now after re-scanning btcsync wants to re-synchronize the whole 4 GB of data. Is it an expected behavior? I don't know why, but I expected that in case of big files only parts that have changed would be transferred.
  2. Could you please provide a status update or elaborate on your definition of "soon" ?
  3. look here:
  4. I'm trying to figure out the way to run Windows client as a service. I'm planning to use nssm.exe for this. The problem is that I need to supply a configuration to BTSync.exe when it's running as a service. I looked through the web site for command line syntax and only found '--help' and '--dump-simple-config'. Both of them do not seem to work with Windows client, as well as the standard Windows '/?' . My questions are: Does Windows client has command line options? If yes, what are they ? What is the recommended way to run Windows client as a service ? version: 1.0.116