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  1. Let me rephrase it then: "It's NEVER a bad idea to *be able to* sync file ownerships" Then you can share your stuff with your friend, and i can tick a box that says "Preserve file ownerships"
  2. Because the goal of using Btsync is having p2p file transfer between multiple servers...
  3. I can understand that you want to have this feature only in an "Enterprise" tagged version, but i disagree with you: It's NEVER a bad idea to sync file ownerships, even in consumer world. Anyway i can quite safely work around that behaviour with correct umask and group sticky bit settings. Now missing ACLs
  4. - Linux machine doesn't have the same user in system, what Sync should do? If you will add the 3-rd Linux box, what should be uid for the file? It doesn't matter, you should work with uid. And file can have a unknown UID on a Linux server this shouldn't matter - You have the uid but don't have permission to change it. Indeed daemon should run with sufficient rights to change UIDs... Else you set the ones from the user running the daemon as default - You changed uid on one Linux machine, should it be propagated to other? Why not ? This is still a file modification. As for mixed OS cases, there should be a way to detect it and use a safe default scenario... Like you push a file from Linux to Windows, you don't worry about keeping specific rights... Oh and for the use case: I want to use p2p transfer to sync files around the globe between servers. End user have no concerns what is used to synchronize, but the rights files have been pushed with must be kept between servers.
  5. @kos13: Is it possible to make a bounty - as you don't want to open the source code - to have this feature prioritized ?
  6. Actually if it could at least preserve file right modes it would be nice
  7. Not the username, but you can very well set the uid even if it's unknown to the destination system
  8. I can understand that... but even keeping ACLs on windows is important - Goes with the whole attib/owner/acl whish. As you provide binaries for different platforms, why not support *platform way of doing things*, like indeed you'd lose informations while syncing between platforms but keep them while on the same one.
  9. So here's my wishlist 1. Preserve file rights/attributes/ownership/ACLs 2. Allow the web interface to run even if shared folders is specified in the configuration - It needs to be configurable by file only while webinterface stays for reporting purpose. Thanks for the great app so far.
  10. Feel like i could work this around with some default ACLs but it's definitely not clean
  11. Hello, I've started deploying btsync on linux for an LAN only replication project. I noted that all files synchronized get the ownership of the user running btsync. Is there a way - i guess it would require code change - to get file ownerships preserved upon replication? Thanks,