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  1. I'd like to see an official Snap package ( ). Works on many platforms, updates as fast as the publisher packages rather than waiting for distro updates, simpler than deb / rpm to create, allows beta channels etc.
  2. I seem to have found a bug with the Camera backup. Many GB were backed up successfully, but the iOS app now reports "Uploading 7.6 MB" and "Connecting". It reports this constantly. The backup was stopped and started a few times, but always resumed correctly. When adding a new photo to iOS, it gets synced over immediately - and then stops at "Uploading 7.6 MB". The other client (Mac OSX 1.1.69) reports "Finished Syncing with iOS device". There are no files with !.sync & I've deleted a few from the backup and I've tried restarting the iOS app. Thanks for releasing this app - should be very useful.