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  1. I know this is an old discussion, but I just tried this again now that the Android version is out (and there have been several updates to the desktop version since the last time I tried this) and I'm still getting the Segmentation Faults on my Pogoplug. I'm not seeing a huge amount of memory being used, or a ton of paging, it's just crashing after a few minutes of syncing.
  2. It's interesting, if I add a new folder and it crashes shortly after, when I restart it doesn't keep the new folder that I added, but if I add a new folder and restart btsync, it keeps it from there on out. It seems like if it crashes shortly after I add the folder it doesn't have a chance to save that new folder to its config or something.
  3. I had my btsync folder on an external drive, but I moved it to the rootfs device just to see if that made any difference and it didn't. I'm experimenting with starting from a fresh folder and seeing if I can copy files of varying sizes from/to my pogoplug. So far, it seems like it can have files copied from it just fine, but when I add files on the other device it poops out trying to sync it to my pogoplug. It doesn't always crash right away, but I notice that it starts out downloading pretty fast, then slowly over the span of a minute or so the download speed decreases until it's not transferring anything anymore, then it eventually crashes. I thought this might be an issue with my local network or something, but I tried setting up a cloud server to sync my pogoplug with and I ran into the same issues. I wiped the original pogoplug software and am running Debian on my pogoplug.
  4. I have a dmp file and my logs, but I'm not sure where to send them? Is there a form or an email address somewhere? Thanks Mark
  5. I'm having the same issue on my Pogo Plug home server running Debian. Here is the output of uname -srvmo: Linux 2.6.32-5-kirkwood #1 Sat Feb 16 04:43:37 UTC 2013 armv5tel GNU/Linux I'd love to have all my devices syncing to my home server, I just need to get this running consistently.