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  1. Is bittorrent sync open? Can I download the source code? Thanks
  2. Yes, but the problem is that this storage will grow up quickly! And I wonder if is correct as it is. I mean: our goal is tot maintain 3 geographic copy. Immagine, for example, one disk crash in one node. The system should replicate automatically from the other two (or more) nodes the files deleted when you bring up the new (void) disk. So you need a sort of "only add - no delete" sync. We can eventually modify source to adapt to our needs (that could be an extra option for all): 1 - we need huge (growing) number of files to sync 2 - whenever we "join" two or more peer to one "secret" the system sould never delete files but it must works to maintain all the files added. Every file should be propagated to every node every time one node loose or not have it. Sorry for my english.
  3. Hi all. Great Job. My name is Cristiano, I work for National Library of Florence. We have built a scalable storage (at the moment 32TB) for storing book digitalizations. We have 3 32TB node in 3 different geographic position. For local redundancy we use glusterfs file system(replica 2 on 64TB fs) but not for geographic replica because it does not satisfy our needs (it is like a backup, not a peer to peer system). We was thinking about a torrent-like system. And here bittorent sync arrives! I just wondering how it can works with huge number of files (immagine that our 32TB storage is subdivided in 200MB compressed files - that contains jpg, pdf, tiff and so on - and it will grow a lot in time) Thanks a lot for your job