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  1. Seems to be working again, as of version 1.3.105.
  2. My bad. Debugging is enabled now. I'll let it run run for 15 min before sending the log.
  3. The Linux client doesn't seem to have any boolean for enabling or disabling logging. Output of $./btsync --help BitTorrent Sync 1.0.116 Usage: btsync [--config <path>] [--nodaemon] [--generate-secret] [--dump-sample-config] [--help] [--get-ro-secret <secret>] Options: --config - location and name of configuration file --nodaemon - do not use daemon mode --generate-secret - generate shared secret --get-ro-secret - get read only secret for existing master secret --dump-sample-config - dump sample config file --help - print this message and exit A logfile is created by default in /.sync/sync.log and contains what's shown in my previous post.
  4. Both web interfaces show the devices connected, i.e. the first server shows the second, and vice versa. The log files only show this: [20130324 19:49:27] Loading config file version 1.0.116 [20130324 19:49:28] Loaded folder /path/to/sync/folder
  5. Hi, I installed BitTorrent Sync on two Linux servers. The first server has a 6GB folder, spread on ~100k files. The second server is configured with a read-only key. Both web interfaces show that they are connected to each other, but no sync'ing is happening. The log files don't contain anything alarming. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks