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  1. It should say in history that its done syncing.
  2. I have similar issues too. my itunes folders are getting deleted on computer A after computer B - laptop wakes up after a week of sleep. I will submit my logs My suggestion is that BItTorrent Team should add a version minimum syncing.. For example since computer A is always on so it gets updated and work on frequently. In future version we can select to force all syncing computers must have same version as before allowing it to be sync?
  3. thank you! I love to see changes and updates! it really help shows whats improved and whats changed
  4. thank you all for clearing my confusion........ =) love this! bye bye dropbox bye bye cubby
  5. Ok then we dont need a tracker then. IF computer A & B are in seperate locatoin (california and washington) without hamachi they should beable to find each other from the relay server??
  6. you guys were all pretty close to what I meant. I know that each folder we can set a tracker for each folders shared. what I was asking Bit Torrent running a tracker within the BitSync applications...........I'm asking if they are running one for us.. thats what I meant. The option is there for us.......I know that... right now I use hamachi to link all my computers together and use bitsync to do the syncing. If theres no hamachi then the computers wont see each other. Thats why I'm asking if BIt Torrent would run a tracker for us to use with bitsync.
  7. Hi There Admin! Thanks for your time putting the effort providing us with a wonderful app! So far I switched completely from dropbox over to SyncApp. Only have dropbox to store txt secrets of my folders =) I know you have options of Bit Tracker. I honestly dont trust any tracker these days since the tracker have our secrets. I was wondering if you guys ever gonna run a bit tracker for SyncApp? I rather trust my secrets in your hands then anyone else. -Cardin
  8. I'm able to run it manually but not auto start it after reboot I see it in Task manager where your startup apps are located
  9. I'm having issues with BTSync not starting after loginning into Windows 8 Pro. I have 3 of the systems and its the same thing after install. I restarted and make sure its in startup but its not running. Whats am I doing wrong? Anyone having same issues?