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  1. Mine is one-way backup solution from a couple of windows pc to a central file server running linux. Quite happy with it.
  2. This is how I start it as a system job with ubuntu (last LTS version, couldn't remember number) using upstart. 1. Create btsync.conf on /etc/init.d/ 2. file contains 2 lines: # home in my setup is another hard drive. start on mounted MOUNTPOINT=/home TYPE=ext4 # starts as non-root user exec start-stop-daemon --start -c myuser --exec /home/myuser/btsync 3. this satisfies my needs.
  3. That appears to be the case. It figures it out. Thanks for all your replies. - one happy camper
  4. two computers from a different subnet possible? (192.168.1.X --> 192.168.0.X) is essentially what i want, just one-way.