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  1. what's the upcoming features? it's been a long time since there was a release...
  2. Hi, I'm getting this error when I check the log on my router. I'm using btsync 1.1.70 on Linux (i386). When I checked which program was using this port (with the command netstat -tulpan), it was btsync. Aug 30 15:11:50 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:26:52 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:41:54 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:56:56 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from
  3. Maybe when btsync will be out of beta (and it's currently alpha)
  4. aren't you behind a router? I guess it's safer if you plug your Pi behind a router, and redirect only the port you want to be visible.
  5. I guess they will improve it over time, compared to what it did in 1.0.xx version (memory hog). they need to find a better way to monitor the flie system if it's what it does.
  6. After your post, I did a top and btsync uses 1% on my Intel Atom N270. It seems it always does something, without external update (no new files or client connected)
  7. You don't have to unzip the webui, you can access it like that: replace the IP by yours. Every settings and shared folders can be edited from the webui.
  8. maybe the router in your office doesn't allow UPnP. But I also had a pb on my side with 1.1.30 and UPnP, I sent a mail to the team. For now, I forwarded the port.
  9. You should update url like this: url="${version}/btsync_${arch}-${version}.tar.gz" I also did a similar script, I added a small test to check the url: test_url=`curl -Is $url | head -n 1 | sed -r 's/.* ([0-9]*) .*/\1/'` if [ "$test_url" = "200" ]; then wget $url -O - | tar -xvz else echo version ${version} not found. fi My script. I don't pass the arch because it never really changes, just edit the script. #/bin/sh arch="i386" if [ -z $# ]; then echo ./btupdater [version] exit 1 fi url="$1/btsync_$arch-$1.tar.gz" test_url=`curl --silent -Is $url | head -n 1 | sed -r 's/.* ([0-9]*) .*/\1/'` if [ "$test_url" != "200" ]; then echo version $1 not found. exit 1 fi echo -e "killing process\c" while [ `ps aux | grep btsync | wc -l` -ne 1 ]; do echo -e ".\c" killall btsync sleep 1 done echo . wget --quiet $url -O - | tar -xz ./btsync
  10. nice to see the new version takes care of CPU usage and memory footprint can someone share some stats about the new hardware usage? does it still scale with the number of files?
  11. the box was doing an update while the thing crashed :-/ I don't have all the details since I didn't restore it, but the thing was screwed up (not completely related to btsync, but the crash sure is)
  12. yeah... I would recommend not doing that. I used it on amazon (not sure if it was EC2) and the server crashed during an update (out of memory), it corrupted the system. I'd wait for a new version which uses less memory.
  13. wow... I guess the versioning system will fix that. no need to keep everything in memory if you have some kind of timestamp on each update/commit.