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  1. I haven't solved the problem, but here is what I've deduced thus far. Since all other three machines play nicely together except the new one, it has to be the new machine. I've checked all the system BIOS times and they are with in a couple minutes of each other, same with the new Windows 8.1 OS. Since I've used this machine before with Win 7 and BtSync successfully, it has to be the new OS that's causing the problem. Which leads me to believe that it is either the Time Zone setting on the new OS or BtSync is not fully compatible with Windows 8.1 yet. I'm going to check the time zone tonight when I get home. Can you tell me where BtSync stores all the user information and such on a Windows based OS, Win 7 and up? Reason I ask is because when I removed BtSync last night to reinstall it, it automatically was attempting to connect to the other machines without mi inputting the share secret. Leads me to believe there is some residual footprint that the application leaves afte install. Thanks
  2. I have an issue with a device syncing to existing 3 devices. All of them were working, until I decided to take my win 7 gaming PC and update it to Win 8.1. Now I get "Sync stopped: device time difference more than 600 seconds", this used to be a mix of 2 x Win7 machines, WIn 8, and Unraid (Slackware 14 Linux), now I have replaced one of the Win 7 machines with Win 8.1 and the new 8.1 machine receives this error from all of them. Meanwhile the other 3 machines sync fine. I have checked the BIOS time and the Windows time they are both correct. The Unraid box is always up and running, I treat this as my master. I will try uninstalling BTsync and reinstalling. Even after re-install the new installation will not sync with the other devices. I checked the time and all the devices are within 10 minutes of each other. Also the main server client (unraid) and the machine that will not sync have their clients up to date.
  3. Damn, that was it, as soon as I switched both 8086 and 3000 to UDP it started syncing. Thanks for that.
  4. I use listen port 8086 and opened that up on the firewall, and instructed BTsync to use it. However in debugging it connects to tracker via port 3000, so I also opened that up on the fire wall. Still not working though.
  5. I opened port 3000 on my corporate firewall, it is still not working.
  6. This thread was started to ask about what ports BTsync uses. I suggest looking at the developer documentation if you want to figure out the protocol. Either that or start a new thread, your question is off topic. Please and thanks.
  7. I would also like to know this, which ports need to open for what options. I have a device that will not sync behind a corporate firewall, and one device which I tested outside the firewall and it works fine. I need these ports to punch a hole in the firewall. Thanks