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  1. I've used BTSync successfully for a while, but now I seems to have stopped syncing. It happened around the time of the last version upgrade, but I can't be sure if it was exactly then. On either PC, if I add new files to the synced directory, I can see in the History tab that the file has been added. However it never shows up on the other PC. What could I be doing wrong? Is there some way to debug further? thanks
  2. Is Syncing down? Mine seems to have stopped. Is there a site somewhere that shows the status of the service? Or am I on the wrong tack?
  3. thanks for the comments. I'm using windows, and it seems some changes are not being picked up real-time, but are by the 10min rescan. I think it would be useful in future to have a "sync now" option, ideally able to be executed via batch.
  4. How frequently does BitTorrent Sync check for changes and perform a sync? And is this configurable?