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  1. Thanks for your quick responses, lets imagine I have a community website where members are allowed to post videos of their pets and I want to use BTS to synchronize and distribute this clips to everyone. Basically I want to use BTS as modern, decentralized and serverless way to share (not exactly sync) files in community. What happens when each member has different .SyncIgnore file (generated through website) with folders he wants to keep? I hope this devices provide folders they have synced to others, but just ignore excluded folders? What I mean is using .SyncIgnore to exclude files I deleted on a particular device. As far as I see, there is no way to choose what files are stored where? I think of BTS as a way to distribute files across community, not as a sync tool. I think it could be a great way for webmasters to save bandwidth and storage using p2p to distribute content and sync capabilities to ensure everyone have the most recent set of multimedia from a particular website.
  2. Hi, congratulations on your new project. I'm wondering if I can use BTS as kind of decentralized file storage for an online community: Can I choose what directories are synchronized on a particular PC? Are incomplete parts of a file keep spreading when a 'master' PC holding this file is offline? Can BTS synchronize folders from many sources at once? Does BTS use incompletely synchronized folders for replication? (I have a folder, but removed some files: Can a new PC use this folder to synchronize files I have?)