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  1. You are right the file was blocked. I didn't even know that option existed. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone problems installing 1.1.48 on Windows Server 2008? I can install 1.1.42 without a problem. But when I launch the 1.1.48 executable nothing happens. I tried downloading again but got the same result.
  3. I have the same issue with 271 Mb not being synced. Is there a way to see which files do not get synced? I want to check if these files are locked. I am using a read-only sync.
  4. First of all great product! I have installed Sync on Windows Server and notice a strange behaviour regarding the dates used. I am syncing from Windows 7 to Windows Server. The server date is 25 April 2013 1. In the history tab of BitTorrent Sync the dates for the events are 11/10/13 and time is also wrong. 2. The modification date of the files differ: E.g. Windows 7 Windows Server (same file) 17-12-2012 21:27 04-07-2013 18:38 11-11-2012 20:31 29-05-2013 17:42 etc. I seems to sync correctly although an easy file compare is difficult because the dates differ. Does anybody have an idea wh