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  1. I can confirm that new version works ok! Thanks!
  2. Tried to delete and reinstall several times, so far no luck. I sent report to btsync support, now I am waiting for reply.
  3. I noticed one suspicious thing. In the sync.dat file there is string fileguard40:<some hash>, where on the working computers is something looking like real hash, but on the non working computer there are all zeroes and 7 at end. This looks like the hash is not generated properly. Why?
  4. It seems that I am "lucky one" and nobody else is having this problem...I tried almost everything, still the same error.
  5. No, there is only one instance running
  6. I know that it is closed source, of course. I was asking because if this comes from e.g. file validation it may be different problem than if it comes from some connection handling. Now I am totally blind, the message itself is very general and could mean anything.
  7. It would be helpful if someone could tell me from which part of code this message comes from. I have some programming experience so it may point me to the right direction. There must be some reason why on this single computer it is not working... Thanks!
  8. I though that if the peers are found and visible to each other they must have the same secret. If I would enter wrong secret the peers would not connect because they will not find each other, am I right? But they find each other, I can see this peer on other computers (only IP address, not device name - not sure if this matters), but the synch does not start. I also see on other peers that they wait to upload the directory - there is arrow pointin up and dir size. Any other ideas?
  9. Hi, I am having troubles getting btsync to work on one of my computers. It starts ok, it finds peers and peers find this computer byt it syncs nothing. I found this message in the logfiles: "Hash doesn't match. Terminate." What does it mean and how can I fix it? It is Win7, x64. On other machines with the same OS no problem. Can it be some library missing, outdated...? Thanks for help!