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  1. I changed all peers to 2.5.6 and they other peers work well (All are Windows 10 Clienst and have 4 GB Ram or more). I will try to make debug log an send to you, but its not so easy because the PC become unusable after updating to 2.5.6. Thanx for the link to the archiev.
  2. Hi I have updated my old PC (Windows 7 Home, Athlon X2 220, 2GB RAM) from 2.4 to 2.5.6 and the system was unusable. Sync was using 900 MB RAM, need endless time for starting and the HD is working all the time. I uninstalling 2.5.6 and reinstall 2.3.7 (the only version i have archived except 1.3.109). 2.3.7 works fine (300 MB RAM) fast start and silent HD. Is there way to get the 2.4 version (works fine)? Are the any solution for the problem with 2.5.6? Regards Robert
  3. I have the same problem. Version 1.1.27 With an old version the files will be moved to SyncTrash on Comutper B.
  4. My wish: Symbian client. I know it's old and it's dead but ...
  5. Hi Are there any Logfile, or logging options? History is nice, but it will be cleared after each restart and it's incomplete. I want to see, which host has connected, which files was added etc. Robert
  6. Hi Is it possible to sync files only if they are requested? Rob
  7. Really great tool. I have only one wish: - Sync on demand would be nice Sync of a file will only be done if the file is requested.