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  1. I understand this and ideally would only sync the files over night if there was a way to schedule Syncing. But the file are closed every night so I would have expeced that BTSync would catch up every 24 hours, but this is not the case. If I open the database on the 2nd machine and compare recent updates, some are days or weeks behind. I suspect that this is because the files are copied "when available" by BTSync and so the indexes and subordanate files get out of step. I could do with a way to prevent copying any of the files until all of them are closed. I'll have a think... Cheers! Dave
  2. I have been using BTSync for a few months now and would like to ask the following question. Can I use it to backup databases? We have a CRM system that uses DBF as its database, along with seperate indexes and many other files that work together. If I sync the folder that contains this application with a read only secret, the database when opened on the 2nd (sync'ed) PC is find but miles out of date. If I use a normal secret the database gets errors on both PCs even though the 2nd machine is not used at all, just a backup really. Should I be trying to use it like this? What about open file backup? Machine 1 is a Win 2003 server and Machine 2 is a Windows 2012 server (VM) both on gig lan. Dave
  3. I have a similar issue, but you can get round the temp files part, by excluding them using the SyncIgnore file that is created in each folder. Its not perfect, but may give you a partial fix. I too would love a scheduler
  4. OK I see now what is going on. The other utility I use to move the files to the NAS ( GoodSync) is removing the .syncID file every time. I've excluded it now so should be OK. Thanks!
  5. OK, I see. To explain: I copy all my files to a NAS at the end of each day, then BTSync them to a remote iMAC. I'm using a lightly loaded Win8 VM on a diferent WAN connection to do the BTSync as the NAS is not supported. But I'm I right in saying that its the .syncID file on the iMAC that the error message refers to? I cant see a .SyncID file on the iMAC.?
  6. Can I use the .SyncIgnore feature to ignore whole folders? That would be nice too.
  7. I have now upgradeed to 1.0.132 - but you are correct, there does not seem to be a file .SyncID. I looked in \appdata\roaming\bitorrentsync. (see pic). Everything seems to work Ok until the first time sync stops (for what ever reason) and then I get the error.
  8. Hmm. I tried to use the update now function, but it said I have the latest version. I manually download and see if thats a fix. Thanks!
  9. Hi Guys I have setup and been sucessfully using BT Sync, between a Win8 computer and an iMac. All worked OK, but no that the sync has finished I get the following errors and no further sysnc occurs. Any ideas?
  10. Yes that is what I was trying to do. I like to sync to an external ( USB) drive on the same PC, then Sync to a remote too. The sync to remote takes a long time, whereas the Sync to USB connected HHD would be very fast. I guess I can use another network PC as the "Host" for the USB HDD and then at least I would have 1 gig transfer.
  11. Much of what I do does not need sync in real time. How about a "sync between time A to time B" so I can set up a sync task during the night?
  12. I'd like to sync to an external drive too. Maybe I'm being stupid, but I cant see how to get this to work. Could you give a bit more detail please?