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  1. An option to configure how long in X days files are kept in SyncTrash before being permanently deleted. More info at
  2. Ah, that's too bad. Hopefully the keep trash for X days option comes in a later version. Did not get a prompt to clear out SyncTrash when i unticked the box for the folder properties, but anyway, this is not something I manually want to do every certain number of days.
  3. I was thinking of replacing SyncBack with Bittorrent Sync to backup my 2TB drive in the PC to the 2TB drive in the HTPC, purely for it's on-the-fly syncing. My only issue is how long deleted files are kept in .SyncTrash. I admire the feature though - in the event a hard drive failed and the sync program sees no files and decides to delete all my files on my other synced devices, I can recover them from .SyncTrash and that's something that SyncBack doesn't seem to offer. But is there any way to configure how long files are kept in .SyncTrash? I have a lot of new files coming in and old ones bei