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  1. Thank you! But I still can't understand the last thing - if BT knows my Secret (32 sings key) - why it can't access my shared folders? On your linked webpage I didn't find information about that. You say that key ("Secret" - right?) transfers to BT encrypted. Then how BT Server can use it to connect my on-line folders for syncing, if it can't see the key itself?
  2. Explain me please few things: Does Bit Torrent Server generate Secret for me, or it happens localy? Does BT Server knows my generated Secret? Will BT Server know my custom generated Secret? I ask it becouse there is such information about Peer Discovery: "BitTorrent Sync can use a specific tracker server to facilitate peer discovery. The tracker server sees the combination of SHA2(secret):ip:port and helps peers connect directly." In other words - does BT Server has any posibility to get access to my shared folders? Thank you!