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  1. Hu guy, Trying to rename one of the device but the option Edit is not there and the name is completely greyed out. Had no problems on other computer, just on one iMac. Any idea how to fix? Maybe manual editing of some file? Thank you
  2. Apart from read only and write modes it would ideal to have a mode where the other peer could add file to the synced folder without the ability to modify or delete. Sort of contributor mode. Thanks
  3. Also, even when I am able to see folders on the NAS interface, I cannot delete them. It simple does not respond to clicks.
  4. Hello everybody, Have BTSync on every computer in my house and trying to get it up and running on QNAP TS-210. Installed it successfully using this guide http://wiki.qnap.com...Bittorrent_Sync I have the latest version ...70 and it SEEMS to be working, but with one major issues. I cannot see anything in its interface. It was happening in previous versions. The first one I used was ...42 Here are the screenshots. The desktop BTSync syncs something but slowly and web interface is not showing anything one moment and next moment it shows somethings. Any ideas what is going on? Screenshots are here http://db.tt/7jdf2GBs
  5. QNAP TS-210 confirmed. Just follow the QNAP wiki for that with ARM BTSync
  6. Shame you had no success(( I suspect it will happen to me as well. BTSync already ignored around 30GB of data.
  7. Hey guys! Has anyone synced iTunes and iPhoto successfully? My sync is still running, so experiment has not finished yet.
  8. Update: iTunes is shut down, closed completely. Not a single file is used or locked. Still 400GB instead of 430GB. Maybe iTunes has some kind of cache or hidden files folder? Or does the actual disk space shown in MacOS differs to the folder content? I am not sure about the latter, but who knows.
  9. Does that mean that iTunes folder will not be synced properly? I understand that the locked files are either ignored by the process or being created as copy with different name, like Dropbox does. To be honest, I really wanted to make sure that BTSync can successfully sync constantly changing set of files like iTunes or iPhoto. Thank you
  10. Good day to you all, Firstly, thanks for the brilliant piece of software Secondly, my iTunes holder is being synced now between three computers (2 coming up) and NAS. I am looking at the folder size on NAS, BTsync on MAC and its very different to the real folder size on disk. the difference is around 30+GB. Anyone knows why? Thirdly, how is syncing iTunes and iPhoto overall? Thank you
  11. several things file versioning small tags on files like in drive and dropbox, that would indicated is the file was synced or in progress clear history button used traffic statistics
  12. great stuff, thank you. May I ask what other interesting software you have got on your NAS? Apparently we have got the same one - qnap ts-210