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  1. Thanks! That explains a lot (if there is still data to transfer, differences are to be expected). Then I'm just confused by the "Synced" status towards the Mac (yes, the two webguis are the btsyncs with read only keys). I'll see what happens when they restart, today.
  2. I've installed btsync on my Macbook and on two Linux hosts. I added ~/Lightroom from my Mac (containing an image catalog and a whole bunch of small preview files) and the same folder using the read only key on the Linux boxes. After a while of syncing, things seem mostly in sync. Checking the actual files on disk, some differ in size and (of course) checksum though. However, the web GUIs seem to indicate they should be in sync with the Mac? But why are the displayed folder sizes different (and wrong, there's about 3.5 GB of files in there)? How should the "up 34 MB" and "up 614 MB" indications be interpreted? I'm confused.