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  1. Hi Steps taken: 1) On iPhone, tap on camera backup. (camera backup enabled)2) Tap share.3) Email link to myself. 4) On Win 7, click on the link in the email.5) BitTorrent Sync desktop opens. Click to create and link to a folder.6) BT Sync creates folder. Status shows pending. 7) On iPhone, BT Sync shows "connect to a device" message for Camera Backup8) Tap on 3 dots, tap approval section - no requests to approve Tried taking new picture on iPhone, then opening BT Sync. Nothing happens. iPhone stays stuck on "connect to device" and BitTorrent Sync desktop stays stuck on "pending". How can I fix the issue? Thanks.
  2. Hi, For BitTorrent Sync desktop: it would be great to have an opportunity to disable some notifications arbitrary (not just all of them as it is now), e.g. via check-box ticking. For instance, to disable "out of sync notifications" or notification for specific folders.
  3. Thanks for a reply, just to clarify: is the "out of sync" notification in every 10 minutes or so designed as a default notification behaviour for Camera backup folders for IOS or something went wrong? If it is a default behaviour it is rather weird to me, because it seems obvious nobody would have BitTorent Sync IOS app turned on all day long for permanent syncing. Thanks for a reply. P.S. I cannot remember the previous version batch, 1.2.x probably.
  4. Hi, I have been using BitTorrent Sync desktop client for a while and everything been going without a hitch. I have Camera backup turned on for my Ipad and Iphone and I back up my photos to designated folder regularly. But I after the latest update (v. 1.3.94) if BitTorent Sync app is not opened on my IOS device l get the out of sync notification messages like this and this every 5-7 min literally, although there have not been any such messages in previous BitTorrent Sync desktop client version. I do not want to turn all notifications off, but why these notifications started to pop-up in 1.3.94 version and how to fix the issue? Thanks.
  5. Thanks a lot, GreatMarko. Everything goes smoothly at the moment.
  6. Hi, All of a sudden the message started popping-up (screenshot attached also). What can it be and how to fix it? I am on Win 7, 64, BTS 1.1.48. Thanks a lot.
  7. BTS for IOS - add the ability to download images from BTS IOS app to Camera Roll/open them in image editing apps on Iphone/Ipad, it is critical for images processing, please!
  8. No panic, I suppose. I have just got an official reply from Kaspersky Lab: "Здравствуйте, Это было ошибочное срабатывание. Оно будет исправлено. Благодарим Вас за помощь. С наилучшими пожеланиями, Юнаковский Сергей, вирусный аналитик" In short - it is a truly false positive, they promise to fix.
  9. I sent the file to Kaspersky Lab to check it out for false positive - let`s see.
  10. Hi, Strangely enough Kaspersky Internet Security Software started to detect a Trojan in BitTorrent Sync.exe file I have downloaded a month ago and have been keeping it for a month on my PC ( The same is for new BitTorrent Sync.exe release. Is the issue known, what can it be and how to fix it? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am going to set up Cisco Lynksis EA 4500 router with external hard drive connected to the router via USB. Can I use BitTprrent Sync to sync a folder on that external hard drive and any folder on my friend PC and if it is possible what is the way to do it? Thanks.
  12. Great! This will be sent to BitTorrent Sync Support as a reply to the ticket I have created regarding the issue. I hope they will set more meaningful notification for the error. Also it is badly needed to clarify the step of destination folder setting on the recipient side in the full product guide and getting started one (no doubts accompanied by screenshot) Thanks again.
  13. I tried some folders on two laptops generating secrets on any of the laptops - no way, so, yes, it happens for every folder I try to add to BitTorrent Sync regardless of its location
  14. Thanks, but it does not seem to be the case. The folder I am trying to share is not used by any application/process - it is just a regular brand new folder in my documents. Is that the issue is somewhat special? I thought it was just some typical newcomers problem. Are there any suggestions, if there are? Thanks.
  15. Hi, Being trying to share a folder I do the following: copy the folder secret open Bittorrent Sync client on another PC choose Tab “Shared folders” hit "add" button Paste the secret to “Shared secret” field and….. Finally I get an error notification “Can`t open the destination folder” (please see screenshot) Could you advise what is wrong? Thanks.