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  1. I pretty much started using sync with this approach. My only issue that I've seen is the AWS micro instances just don't have enough RAM if you have massive amounts of files.
  2. Can I disable the new versioning feature all-together? If so, can it be done on a folder by folder basis?
  3. Updated all devices to 1.1.30. Problem persists. 1 Mac 10.8.3 1 FreeNAS 8.3-RELEASE-p7
  4. I'm also seeing this on 1.1.27 on FreeNAS using your BSD build. It refuses to transfer anything.
  5. Yeah, I think OOM is the culprit here. I've been getting this too running on an AWS micro instances that is shared with some other stuff. I have 60k+ files (git repositories) and the client has just recently gotten to where it will not run. I killed apache temporarily and the client started for a minute or so and then died. It never got the web interface up.
  6. Does any scripting interface or API exist for the linux client? Are there plans for one? Would love to be able to tie it into my interface.