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  1. He said that in his OP. His issue was that it seems the source directory was deleted simply because it couldn't be created on the destination. Perhaps the destination treated it as a delete and resynced that back to the source?
  2. I said insecure. Which is the point. You want people to be able to guess the secret and join in without any prior communication other than both knowing the name of the topic. And yes there are other ways to share pictures of cats... that's not the point. I'm asking why there is a 41 char minimum on custom secrets and whether or not an option could be added to disable the limit.
  3. I get the same error if I try to add a folder that doesn't yet exist. Btsync doesn't seem willing to create the folder for you, you need to create it yourself first before adding it in btsync.
  4. I just tried to create a new synced folder with the secret string "cats", in the hope that some like minded individual had pre-populated it with cat pictures. It got rejected unsurprisingly as it's not very secure, but that was kind of the point. Is there any motivation behind this limitation beyond security? Would it be possible to relax this requirement through an 'advanced' setting to prevent people from shooting themselves in the foot? I quite like the idea of globally shared, synced folders centered around topics.