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  1. Crashes have returned. Affecting 1.3.77 and 1.3.105.
  2. I’m experiencing the same issue, suddenly. All with 1.3.94 on OS X 13C64 and 13C1021. Crashing thread always has a backtrace like: Thread 2 Crashed:0 0x003066ac google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::UninstallHandler(bool) + 1901 0x00307098 google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::WaitForMessage(void*) + 4262 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x95b965fb _pthread_body + 1443 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x95b96485 _pthread_start + 1304 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x95b9bcf2 thread_start + 34 Full crash report:
  3. Asymmetric key lengths must be longer to match symmetric key security. See for example Table 2 in , and read the whole thing for a better understanding. 32 characters in base 32 = 32^32 = 2^160 That’s a potential key length of 160 bits, more than enough for AES-128.
  4. Thanks for the pointer, GreatMarko. Of course, I unfortunately cannot seem to reproduce the issue so far.
  5. Hi, I have two machines each with a collection of about 124GB of media. They were previously in sync using “rsync”. One machine (let’s call it the backup) was about a week out of date relative to the other machine (let’s call it the master). I set up Bittorrent Sync on the master, and let it completely index (this took a really long time). Then I used a one-time read-only key to set up the backup. Almost immediately I received a notification on the master that a file upload was completed. Checking history on the master, I saw: 4/25/13 2:39PM Finished syncing file 2013/2013-04/2013-04-21/JV2013
  6. In addition to the already requested command line enhancements: Make the command line utilities available on OS X as well as Linux!